Desert Safari Dubai

About Us

What we do?

Take the opportunity to experience the mysticism and splendor of Dubai’s desert landscape. We’ve planned a desert safari adventure that will allow you to enjoy all of the thrilling and exciting Arabic activities. Desert Safari in Dubai is an exciting tour that will provide you with an unforgettable time in the Arabian Desert. Choose from several time slots that are ideal for getting a quick and comprehensive overview of the desert environment. These are morning desert safari, evening desert safari, sunset desert safari, and overnight desert safari.

Morning Desert Safari

Early in the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel for a morning desert safari. Enjoy the splendor of the Arabic desert in the morning’s fresh and gentle breeze.

Evening Desert Safari

Ride over the enchanting red dunes and enjoy an evening desert safari to discover the Arabian Desert pure charm and pleasure. We have prepared an entertaining Desert Safari Experience for you, which will allow you to participate in all Arabic activities.

Sunset Desert Safari

Sunset desert safari is the best time to enjoy the desert because as the sun sets, the temperature of the desert fades, making it cooler and more pleasant. Enjoy a wonderful sunset scenery in the desert.

Overnight Desert Safari

Our overnight desert safari is crafted with lots of fun and activities that will make your trip wonderful and memorable. Enjoy a tasty buffet dinner. Traditional entertainment will also be provided.

Enjoy the desert safari with us in a new way.

Who We Are?

A desert tour operating company that provides a complete package for your desert safari experience. We provide the best packages for desert safari tours.

Our package includes Pickups from hotels. We will pick you up from your hotel. You will be taken on a safari in our specially designed vehicle with safety and care. To ensure that you have a lovely and good time.

Desert Dune Bashing is a thrilling and fun way to explore the glittering and sparkling dunes is also include in our package. Riding a beautiful camel gives you a whole new perspective on a desert safari.

Sunset is a golden opportunity for photography. The beautiful colors of the evening skyline are a game canvas for any aspiring photographer.

Arabic costumes are available for Photographs and to enjoy the desert safari in Arabic style.

Beautiful Arabic Henna designs for females drawn on the hands or feet will give a reddish-brown color.

Have a lot of fun doing sand boarding along the dunes, just like snowboarding.

Fresh food with Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dish options and Delicious traditional Bedouin-style barbecue dinner in desert moonlight are available.

Live entertainment includes Tanoura Dance, belly dance, and fire show. Tanoura Dance is a Folk dance performed by gentlemen dressed in colorful frilled outfits with Arabic music that will undoubtedly keep you entertained.

In the end, you are delivered to your destination with care and love.