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Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai

Our Desert Safari is designed with a broader range of exciting activities to do, experience, and enjoy. Our desert safari is the most thrilling off-road adventure in the Dubai desert. Dubai has become a popular tourist destination around the world due to its pleasant environment and nice weather. So, if you’re in Dubai, really shouldn’t miss out on Desert Safari.

The Dubai Desert Safari is an entertaining tour that will leave you with lasting memories. Desert Safari is a witness to the enchantment of the desert. Enjoy a desert safari with light and gentle wind in the shining and golden dunes. The start of a new day in the Arabic way in the desert is full of charm.

Leave the crowded and noisy city behind and relax in Dubai’s serene desert. You’ll see lovely red dunes as far as the viewer can see.


Outline of Desert Safari

We offer morning desert safari, evening desert safari, sunset desert safari, and overnight desert safari. Our desert safari include

The desert safari begins with a pickup from your spot and transports you to the desert in a 4×4 Land Cruiser.



Desert safari is exciting Arabian journey begins with a dune-bashing session. It’s time to enjoy Dubai’s red dunes, so the Land Cruiser will climb the dunes rapidly and give you more enjoyment on every slope; it’s a combination of thrill and excitement.


Quad biking

When you want to do something other than ride on a straight road, go on a new adventure in the stunning desert on a powerful quad bike. After dune bashing, another thrilling activity is quad biking. Enjoy the thrill of self-driving a powerful quad bike across the shifting dunes.


Camel Ride

Camel ride is another famous desert activity. Camel desert safari is one of the most famous Traditional ways to explore Dubai’s huge deserts. Enjoy the beautiful desert safari on the highest dunes of the Dubai Desert on the camel.



Sandboarding is a desert activity that involves sliding down the slopes of a desert dune on specially adapted boards. Enjoy the beautiful desert activity.


Breakfast/Dinner in Arabic style

Enjoy traditional Arabic tea and other Arabic-style breakfast and dinner items. Our desert safari menu includes Arabic and international cuisine.

After this enjoyable journey, you will be returned to your lodging.

Would you want to enjoy a desert safari? Join us for the thrilling adventure desert safari. Contact us today at the number provided to enjoy a refreshing desert safari.